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Tips For Staging a Home On A Budget

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They key to selling a home is to appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers.  You can achieve this with the right home staging that both highlights the strengths of the home and de-emphasizes the weaknesses. Stage the home properly and you will no doubt reap the benefits of a higher final selling price.

Here are 5 tips to staging a home to sell on a budget

1.  Make the space less personal

Family photos and your kids drawings are awesome, but when it comes down to selling your house, you want the buyers to be able to picture themselves in the house. In order for that to happen, photos need to be put away and closets cleaned out.  You want to the house to be as clutter free as possible.

2. Maximize space

You want the home to look as spacious as possible.  Overstuffed rooms and closets take away from from the spaciousness and should be de-cluttered. Also take a look at the bedroom and see if it couldn’t benefit from a more gender neutral color scheme that appeals to more people. Throw in a few decorative items to improve the overall look of the room, remove any extra clutter ( power strips, cords, office furniture) and the room will have a more relaxing feeling to it.

3. Clean, clean, clean

A dirty home is a huge no no when it comes to showing a home.  Clear off your countertops so that the space looks larger and make sure all your appliances are clean as well as your sink. When it comes to the bathroom, not only should it be sparkling clean, but also consider switching out your bathroom towels for white ones as it gives an open feel.  We can’t stress this enough, kitchens and bathrooms are the two areas of the home that are essential and they can definitely make or break a deal.

4. Add a modern touch

When you are working with an older dated home, you are already looking at a lower offer.  For this reason, you want to try and do some small updates to help modernize the home. Try replacing outdated fixtures like gold or brass with chrome, nickel or stainless steel.  It really does make a difference.

When it comes to appliances, there are paints especially for them as well as stainless steel stick-on coverings.  Try either to give your appliances a fresh updated look.  Also take the time to clean out your draws, cabinets and any other kitchen spaces that are full of things.  When people are touring a home, they really do look into every little space of the home.  Tip:  If you have a rug in your kitchen, take it out, it will help the kitchen appear larger.

5. Keep the color scheme neutral

When a buyer walks into a home, the last thing they want to be met with is strong colors. Keeping the color scheme neutral helps buyers more easily envision themselves in the home. The dining room is a key statement-making area where you want to create visual interest.  You can achieve this by having a simple set up on the table along with a vase filled with fresh flowers.  This will provide a beautiful focal point.  Try to accentuate any natural light by using a mirror and subtle lamps.

In order to get the most out of your staging, you also want to give attention to the window treatments.  These should be kept neutral and sheer curtains let in more light which is appealing as well.  Be sure to install the rods high and keep them thin to maximize the space.

Making subtle tweaks like the above can boost your selling price by hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  Now that the home is picture perfect, it is time to take those important photos to use for your real estate email flyers and any other marketing collateral you plan to put together.