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9 Tips For Boosting Your Shopify Store Sales This Holiday Season

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The holidays are that special time of year where people are in the mood to give which spells good news for most e-commerce businesses.  This time of year typically means an increase in revenue and if your business has not experienced a boost in the past, now is the time to start putting together a strategy.

Here are 9 ways to help you boost your Shopify store sales this holiday season.

 1.   Early bird gets the worm

People are shopping for the holidays earlier and earlier every year.  This could be in part that all the stores have Christmas decor on the shelves before Thanksgiving but I digress.  Regardless of the reason why, your store needs to be prepared for those pre-holiday sales.  So make sure your inventory is stocked, your promotions are set and your store is appropriately decorated at least 2 weeks before the holiday.  You want to be the store that comes to mind when it comes to those oh so important holiday purchases.


  2.   Don’t forget to give your store a holiday makeover

Consumers love the mood of the holidays and when they visit your store, you need to deliver all the good holiday feels.  Make sure your store design puts them in the holiday spirit.  Shopify has a list of holiday-specific apps and tools you can use.  Also, don’t forget about those emails, make sure they have that holiday feel too.  Bonus tip: Consider some type of reward for those doing their holiday shopping with you this year.  A coupon for a percentage off a future order works well in this scenario. 

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  3.  Have flash sales

The holidays are the perfect time to run flash sales.  You want to take advantage of FOMO by using message like “% off for today only” or “purchase in the next 3 hours”.  This type of wording works to get people to pull the trigger on a purchase.

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  4.  Offer free shipping

During the holidays, if you want to be competitive, you need to offer free shipping.  It is said that it is one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment.  This may cost you a little but if you want to stay on par and beat out your competitors, you need to do it.  One way to bring down the cost, is to have a minimum purchase amount to qualify for free shipping.  Most people will not have an issue adding some more items to their cart to qualify.  Lastly, don’t forget to use an exit offer so that when someone begins to navigate away from your store, a pop-up with an offer will appear.  This could be a discount or free shipping.  Something that will get the person to make that purchase.

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5.  Give your social media presence a holiday twist

Stay relevant during the holidays by making sure you add a holiday feel to your social media presence.  Nothing major needs to change but you do want to update your profile picture, start posting holiday related messages, give a glimpse of your products neatly wrapped in holiday packaging.

Another way to help impart the holiday spirit is to show support to a cause or charity that means something to you.  This can be a page for a  local charity or maybe a GoFundMe donation page.  This not only helps show the more human side of your brand, but you will also be giving back which is what the holidays are all about.

Last but not least, holiday contests work great.  This can be a photo contest (think ugly sweater or best holiday lighting), fill in the blank status updates (My top gift for Christmas would be xyz), a selfie contest (person submits pic of them near something holiday themed with your product), name your favorite Christmas movie, the list is endless.

6.  Send out personalized greetings

Your customers want to know you value them and what better time to let them know than the holidays.  Send them a personalized email or a letter in the mail giving them thanks for their business.  Make them feel special and you help create a customer for life.

7.  Do some Facebook paid ads

The holidays are a good time to throw some marketing dollars in the mix.  Go through your recent social media posts and see which had a nice level of engagement.  Test out some of them earlier in December and see if any give you a nice boost in traffic.  If they do, think about putting some marketing dollars behind a paid ad for that exact post.

8.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly

People are on their mobile devices more than any other device so you need to make sure your store is good to go.  If not, you will not only be penalized in the search engines but also on the sales side.  Purchases are being made more and more on mobile devices so you need to show customers you know this.

9. Put together a holiday gift guide

A gift guide just basically categorizes your products so that the customer finds it easier to shop.  This makes it a less stressful experience for the customer and they will remember this added touch.  This is not for every business.  This works well for a business that has many affordable products.  Someone selling high end instruments would not need to put together a gift guide.  Depending on what you sell, you can do a his/her section, a kid section, maybe a top ten section.

Final thoughts

Sales during the holidays are not a given just because it is one of the biggest shopping times of the year.  In order to get the most out of the upcoming holiday season, you need to prepare ahead of time in order to have a competitive edge.  The above tips will help you boost sales and win over customers so that your Shopify store experiences a great season.