7 Facebook Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Be Doing

Having a presence on Facebook for your business is essential these days.  With that being said, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand apart from every other business.  With over a billion users on the platform everyday, businesses need to know how to properly use Facebook to grow their business and audience.

Below are seven Facebook marketing strategies you should be doing for your business

1. Video

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, video has taken center stage.  Over a 100 million hours of video is watched everyday making it one of the most used marketing strategies for businesses.   The key to successfully using video is to keep it native, short and engaging.  You also want to think about adding captions as many people are viewing video without sound.  

2. Live video

We just mentioned the popularity of video.  Now we move onto live video which is one of the most effective forms of video right now. They estimate that live videos on Facebook are watched up to 3 times longer than normal videos.  This presents a great opportunity for brands to embrace those spontaneous moments via live streaming which in turn really boosts engagement. 

3. Pages for customer service

Communication between brands and their consumers has been facilitated greatly by Facebook Pages. They offer some great options like automated responses when a message is received by a brand as well as an option to set up ‘away messages’ if you are not available.  Pages can really function as the shopfront for your business, providing all the details that a customer would need to know.  This is just another example how using Facebook can really enhance the customer experience. 

4. Cross-Promote on Facebook and Instagram

It has been found that images that are posted to Facebook via Instagram experience a higher organic reach than those posted directly from Facebook.  They are really pushing cross promotion between the two platforms and they are rewarding the pages that do it.  Instagram’s 600 mill users does not compare to Facebook’s 1.4 billion so they will be trying to ramp up Instagram’s numbers over the next few years and cross promotion will be an essential part of the strategy.

5. Mix up your content

Facebook is always changing its algorithm.  They make sure they are adapting and adjusting to the types of content the majority of people want to see.  When it comes to putting together content to post, you want to make sure to experiment in order to figure out what your audience responds to best.  One thing is for sure, do not post the same type of content over and over.  It is also a good idea to pay attention to your competitors’ strategy for tips and information.  With that being said, coming up with the best content on a consistent basis can prove challenging.  I know for me, it was eating up too much of my time.  I ended up finding this company that can create custom social media content for you.  Just provide them with basic details about your company and your target audience and they will create unique content for your brand. They can do this not only for Facebook but also Twitter and LinkedIn.  Once you approve the content, you are able to schedule the day and time you want it to go out.   This service has really been a lifesaver for my business and I highly recommend looking into it.

7. Run a contest to boost engagement

Facebook contests are all over the platform and you have probably entered a few yourself.  Running a contest is a great way to boost engagement with your audience.  It does not need to be complicated and there are plenty of simple of ideas out there.  Like to win, comment to win, caption contest, fill in the blank contest, the list can go on.  Get creative, the sky’s the limit.



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